Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We have six . . . people conversing on cell phones at once in my subway car

Only the fortunate ones can get their cell phones to work underground, but on the elevated subway lines, oy, don't ask! Every time a subway train comes out of a tunnel and into the open air, it's Cells in the City. By the time I got to my station, I'd counted 11 people on cell phones in my car alone.

I think the woman on the bench across from me must have been yakking for at least 10 minutes straight. I gave up trying to nap or read, and listened to talk radio instead, in self-defense. I don't mind short calls, of the "Honey, what do what want me to pick up on the way home?" variety--that's what cell phones are for. But 10-minute conversations?! Where do these people think they are--their livingrooms?! Is consideration for others while one is in public places just one of those values that no one bothers with anymore?

For previous kvetches on the subject of cell phone use (abuse?), see here and here.


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